Digital Receipts 

Offer your customers post-purchase engagement and create memorable experiences with a simple drag-and-drop digital receipt maker

Customer feedback

Improve customer experience by receiving instant feedback from customers who made purchases.

Loyalty program expansion

Expand your loyalty and membership program by enabling customers to sign up from their phones instead of holding up the line at checkout.

Sounds interesting?

Post-purchase personalization

Never miss a sale! Our system uses AI-based recommendations so you can offer your customers the next best offer right on the receipt.

Additional marketing channel

Keep your customers engaged with your brand by using the receipt to promote social channels, videos, banners, and whatever else you'd like.

*If customers opt out, they will view the receipt without marketing material as per data protection regulations.

Engaging gamification

Offer coupons and other discounts by creating an engaging and customizable game with an easy drag-and-drop template.

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