Turn Every Touchpoint
into an Opportunity

Engage with your customers and increase your ROI by connecting your online and in-store attribution

We help retail stores gain full visibility of their customer journeys, from digital channels to physical stores, to create growth and retention opportunities.

With Weezmo's retail marketing insights platform you can:

Follow your
customers' journey

Engage with your customers - in-store, post-purchase, and online.

Maximize in-store revenue with digital campaigns

See which campaigns turned into profit and optimize them.

Build smarter audiences based on both in-store and online data

Target 100% of the customers who made purchases at your physical store and segment them by predicted behaviors.

Smooth sailing,

Installing Weezmo only takes a few minutes. Once it's installed, the only change you'll notice is the ability to send a digital receipt.

We Integrate with:

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With Weezmo, you can
rest assured that

Your data is protected & private

We take your privacy seriously and comply with the latest data protection laws.

Your insights are accurate

All your data is saved and accessible in one place on our platform or the platform of your choice.

You're always ahead of the game

We’re attentive to our customers' needs and stay on top of market trends.

We're with you every step of the way

We have a dedicated CSM to provide support and answer all your questions.

What Our Clients Are Saying

So, how does Weezmo work?

Using a unique identifier, we connect every attribution point
(social channels, eCommerce store, physical stores, and digital
receipts), to give you full visibility into your customers' journeys
and turn these touchpoints into engagement opportunities.

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