Maximizing November Sales Using In-Store Data – How it’s never too early to prepare for BFCM

The tools to creating a successful BFCM campaign in 2023

BFCM, AKA Black Friday, Cyber Monday, is a challenging time for retailers every year, and even more so this year. The competitions is high, and in the current economic climate success is vital.

To help you make the most out of your BFCM planning, we’ve gathered everything you need to know.


The essential 2023 BFCM preparations – connect online to offline

Retailers run marketing campaigns on a range of platforms. These are ‘budget hungry’ but help expand the reach, engagement, and ultimately sales.  A successful and solid campaign strategy is integrating both online and offline data.  It is essential, especially when trying to capture millennials and female shoppers.

In fact, combining the online and offline worlds is key to understanding the entire customer journey throughout the whole year and specifically for BFCM.

Your marketing campaign will have to stand out – but how?

Advertising around Black Friday is a challenge. Given the marketing overload and noise during that period, many retailers struggle to stand out, and to shoppers, all ads look the same.


Access your in-store data

Understanding shopper behavior and spending habits is the key to personalization. With 80% of purchases taking place in-store, an in-depth analysis of shopper behavior is difficult, and retailers often rely on their eCommerce data only. By connecting in-store data, you have an opportunity to get a deep understanding of spending habits and behaviors.


Does it sound too complex to execute?

Not really.
Weezmo’s got you covered.

Using Weezmo’s engagement solution retailers can now access in-store and online sales data, and target customers based on actual behavior. This includes loyalty, spend and risk of churn. Great for BFCM, as well as all year round.

The AI technology enables a truly personalized communication on multiple channels, while target your customers intelligently.

Weezmo’s innovations make the offline measurements just as simple.  And, by helping you uncover the in-store transactions in relation to the online marketing activities, you make smarter offers to each customer and drive more sales.


Make sure your customers return to YOUR store for BFCM 2022, by keeping your brand on their minds – all year round. you are on top of their mind!


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