Is There Such a Thing as Google Analytics for the Physical Store?

Do you ever dream of having something like Google Analytics for your physical store? Do you ever wonder whether you can attribute every purchase to its source and see which channels work best? Well, dream no more.
Watch Shai Raiten, Weezmo’s CEO, explain how Weezmo can transform your business:

With Weezmo, you can connect your online activities (digital campaigns, website, app, newsletters, and more) to your in-store purchase data. This connection enables you to track metrics such as conversion windows and channels and measure the revenue each source brought to your physical store(s).

For example, you can see the percentage of in-store purchases that stemmed from customers who researched your brand online, those who purchased online, and those who simply walked into the store.

You can measure the source of every purchase and see which channels are the most profitable – is most of your in-store revenue generated from PPC campaigns? Organic searches? Your newsletter or SMS campaign? Can you measure all of these channels on a single platform today?

And on top of all of this, you can drill down into your social media campaigns and see how much in-store revenue your Facebook campaign brought and which ad had the most impact.

On the flip side, you can use your in-store purchase data to create audiences for any digital activity – from social media campaigns to newsletters and more.

And last but not least, our digital receipts enable you to offer your customers post-purchase experiences, get feedback, and create opportunities to add new and existing customers to your existing loyalty program or customer base.

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